Academic Excellence & Upskilling of Your Kid from Top Global Educators!

Academic Excellence & Upskilling of Your Kid from Top Global Educators!



100+ parents, children, and kindergarten to
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Empower your children's personal and professional growth through innovative learning experiences designed to set them up for success.

Unleash Your Child’s Creativity with PeerCamp.

These gigs are conducted by industry experts eager to impart their tools, techniques, and professional experiences with your child benefitting them in:

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Professional Certificates

Certificates from PeerCamp hold significant value in showcasing your child’s holistic growth, particularly when multiple courses have been completed or to build a portfolio as a demonstration of expertise in a specific domain.

In-depth Instructor’s Reviews

Leverage genuine testimonials and portfolio samples to choose a skilled instructor capable of handling your child and achieving the desired outcomes.

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What Makes PeerCamp So Popular Among Students

From the initial stroke on canvas to the mathematical abilities to solve problems in calculus, PeerCamp is your steadfast companion throughout your creative voyage.

I value PeerCamp for its curation and the quality of its classes which are very interactive. For me, that alone justifies the course cost for my 5 years old daughter.

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Rahul Prasad, Indore

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I have joined PeerCamp to develop my skills in some of the creative topics not covered in school curriculums. Certificates in these skill sets aid in admission to premium universities.

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Gargi Soni, Jabalpur

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It’s difficult to find good teachers around my place and couldn’t find any other online platform with so many great gigs. The best part was to get in touch with foreign instructors for the topics my son is interested in learning.

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Snehal Tyagi, Haldia

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Frequently Asked Questions by Users

PeerCamp is an online learning marketplace catering to the creative and inquisitive minds of young learners from kindergarten to high school, offering an array of classes spanning illustration, music, photography, space science, world history, and beyond. Immerse yourself in hands-on classes and courses led by top-tier instructors and organizations in their respective creative domains, fueling your progress along your creative path.

Absolutely. You can sign up and start using PeerCamp without any cost. There are a few course bundles available at no cost along with free demo classes and lessons.

No, you will find our platform very simple to use. There are categories and filters on the basis of age, language, location, and budget for easy selection. Also, the courses and classes are reviewed with testimonials to easily select the best for your child.

We make sure all our instructors are vetted and professional to conduct the classes successfully. But if in case, any instructor fails to deliver, parents/children can raise a ticket and after a proper evaluation and assessment on the matter, needful action is taken. In this case, a 100% refund is provided to the buyer.

Yes, you can share and promote the certificate on social media platforms as a token of your child’s achievement. PeerCamp certificates are a useful way to demonstrate your kid’s mastery of a particular topic or skill to schools, event organisations and peers.

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